The Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club is pleased to announce the 2012 Teachers of the Year. Eighteen teachers, one representing each campus, were selected by their peers and colleagues for the honor. The Teacher of the Year recognition program is a partnership between RISD and the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club.
The overall elementary and secondary Teachers of the Year will be selected from the group and announced at the Rockwall ISD Teacher of the Year Banquet on May 11, 2012. A number of local sponsors will help fund the event and will be announced soon. Members from the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Club as well as previous RISD Teachers of the Year serve on the selection committee for the honor. The committee reviews each teacher’s packet as well as conducts in-class observations as part of the selection process.
Campus Teachers of the Year for 2012 are:
 •Rochell Elementary – Lindy Lewis
 •Amy Parks Elementary – Karen Moss
 •Hays Elementary – Melody Baker
 •Cullins Elementary – Deedra Mann
 •Pullen Elementary – Alicia Duckworth
 •Jones Elementary – Johanny Ventura
 •Hartman Elementary – Kelley Cavin
 •Dobbs Elementary – Elena Straight
 •Nebbie Elementary – Geniece Smith
 •Springer Elementary – Julie Byrnes
 •Shannon Elementary – Courtney Pine
 •Reinhardt Elementary – Autumn Quinton
 •Utley Middle – Michel Reed
 •Williams Middle – Gwen Howell
 •Cain Middle – Cyndi Parent
 •Rockwall High – Cody Hayes
 •Heath High – Shannon Carmody
 •Quest Academy – Bryan Sharkey